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Identification keys

Updated on April 16, 2015

SANBI maintains several keys: Some 10+ keys on iSpot – Conophytum (Aizoaceae) – Helichrysum (Asteraceae) – Relhania and relatives (Asteraceae) – Lasiospermum (Asteraceae) – not yet published South African plant families – Seed plants (families and genera) –  

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BRAHMS resources

Updated on April 14, 2015

The following instructions are available: Learn how to change determinations via RDE file: brahms_determination_changes_via_rde Learn how to change determinations via the form view: brahms_determination_changes_via_form_view Learn how to extract the determination history: brahms_extracting_dethistory   A list of BRAHMS report templates and RDE files can be found below: Reports Collection extract file  sanbi_brahms_reports_final_label_extract sanbi_brahms_reports_final_label_extractdup Collection extract with linked sanbi_brahms_reports_specimen_label_botrec sanbi_brahms_reports_mini  … Read more

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Public-private cooperation for biodiversity and ecosystem management in South Africa

Updated on April 9, 2015

The management of South Africa’s biodiversity, particularly at a landscape level, requires working beyond the boundaries of protected areas and mainstreaming biodiversity objectives into land-use planning and decision-making. This includes mainstreaming into the policies and practices of production sectors that might impact on biodiversity. Mainstreaming biodiversity therefore involves a range of role players in a  … Read more

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